Journeys & Retreats

Spiritual Journeys & Retreats

Travel outside your routine and discover just how limitless you are. Our journeys are designed to enrich your experience, open your spiritual connection to Source and Self, and challenge your belief in limitations. They are active journeys that include hiking, meditation and time for reflection, opportunities to work with healers and medicine men in sacred medicine ceremonies, and discovery.

Every year we lead journeys to sacred lands in Peru, South America, Europe, Sedona, Mt Shasta, and more... all is available.

Retreat to Peru - October 2018

This journey of discovery will take us to sacred lands, ancient temples, and that place beyond the limits you are willing to defy. Our guides share these amazing spaces with us while teaching us to look beyond the expected within ourselves and others. Expand your connection to Source and Self while hiking in some of the most beautiful nature you can imagine.  If Peru whispers to your heart, perhaps it is time to listen. Our journey will be between October 8 and October 21, 2018.  Contact for costs.

Deposits due July 25, 2018

Sacred Medicine Journeys - Peru

Travel to the amazing energy of Peru, visit ancient temples, and work with sacred plant medicine Wachuma (San Pedro) with  dedicated Wachumeros (Medicine Men). The spirit of Wachuma teaches us and helps us to heal and release what holds us back. Defy your limits. Embrace your sense of adventure and change your world.

Medicine Journey to Peru - June 15 - July 1, 2018

Visit sacred lands and work with Wachuma. This is a trip of expansion and healing. This is a journey of discovery of self and the divine. Plan on an active journey including hiking in high altitude. $500 deposit is required to secure your spot. Cost between $2800 - $3200 depending on size of group. Airfare is separate. Cost includes all sleeping accommodations, breakfast, transportation in Peru, guides, park entries, and medicine ceremonies. Please contact for more information.